Friday, September 26, 2014

Reloading image in Word Document automatically.

There are certain instances where a single picture is used in multiple documents. When this picture changes, all the documents has to be updated manually every time. The purpose of the document is to list down the steps to upload a picture and import it from a specified location. Whenever there is a change in the picture, the same will be reflected into all the documents automatically when the document is opened.

The below are the steps to be followed
  • Upload a picture in a specified location. For ex: - Sharepoint.
  • Open a word document where the picture has to be inserted.
  • Navigate to Insert-->Quick Parts-->Field as shown below
  • Once the field is clicked, the below options are displayed.

a.       On the right hand side, select “IncludePicture”
b.      Enter the URL where the image is uploaded.
c.       Check the checkbox “Data not stored with Document”.

  • Click Ok. Now the image will display in the document.
  • Save and close the document.
  • Now, try to change the image in the Sharepoint, with the same naming convention. In this example “Microsoft.jpg” and open the document. You will see the new image in place of old one without modifying the document.
  • You can try yourself and check it out. :)

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